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When working at Setu, our founder Pranit Bauva realized the problem of managing webhook infrastructure and is on a mission to make asynchronous communication as smooth as possible.

Managing webhook infrastructure can become tricky quickly after one starts depending on them for critical events which raises these questions:

  1. What happens when the receiver server is down/has faulty deployment?
  2. How does the receiver verify the authenticity & source of message?
  3. How do you make sure the receiver is not overwhelmed?
  4. How do you ensure visibility & logs into all delivery attempts to fix broken endpoints?
  5. How much load can your servers handle to process, store and forward the webhooks?
  6. How do you get alerts if receiver endpoints have downtime?
  7. How do you take care if webhooks were missed but the state change has to be communicated to the receiver in some or the other way? If your webhooks are as critical as payment credit alerts, you wouldn’t want inconsistent payment states in different systems, right?

We have built a solution to address your problems, so that teams can focus on their core competitive advantage of solving customer problems and letting us worry about the webhook infrastructure.

We would launch a prototype soon which would help us take feedback from customers. This prototype wouldn’t be ready for production use at the moment.

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