What are events?

A provider sends a webhook when a particular action happens like when someone makes a payment, or a new photo is uploaded, or a profile page is updated, etc. We recommend you to list all possible different actions which you have to communicate to the receiver and give them good names which will make it easier for debugging.

Why use events?

While it’s possible to send webhooks without associating it with an event, we strongly urge you to associate every webhook with an event. This helps when you try to list all webhooks and filter by events so as to see what’s relevent to you.

We recommend using events to logically group payloads together. Similar schema payloads should probably belong to the same event.

What are event hierarchies?

Event naming convention is abc.def. .... This means that two events abc.def and abc.ghi which share the first word are grouped together under abc. While the events can be inifitely tiered, we recommend only 2 levels of hierarchy and in rare cases 3.