Rate Limiters

What are rate limiters?

A webhook sender at times triggers a lot of webhooks within a very short period of time which can often overwhelm the receivers’ servers causing downtime and can potentially look like a DDoS attack which erodes the trust receiver has in a sender. A rate limiter smoothes out the webhooks to be sent over a larger time frame to avoid the above mentioned scenarios.

Why use rate limiters?

Receivers’ systems have a capacity of accepting some number of requests within a time frame and we are of the opinion that senders have to respect it to ensure reliability and consistency.


How is this rate limiter different from the one mentioned in pricing page?

The pricing page rate limit is applicable when you try to hit Nirah’s servers. The rate limiter mentioned in this document is applicable when Nirah sends webhooks to the receivers’ endpoints.

What are the rate limits of Nirah’s APIs?

For paid plans, we have a very high rate limit set because we understand that activity can at times come in very short bursts. We are constantly scaling our systems and if you have questions as to whether we will be able to handle your scale, please feel free to reach out to contact <at> nirah.app.

The free plan has a rate limit of 1 request per second and we do not recommend using the free plan in scenarios where there is a possibility of short bursts and recommend switching to our paid plans to ensure smooth operations.